About WindShift Web DesignI’m Denise Lawson, the owner and entrepreneur behind WindShift Web Design. I’ve spent 20+ years perfecting the art of managing projects and teams in telecommunications, ecommerce and website development, sustainable urban planning, stakeholder engagement and corporate governance. With a growing desire to step out on my own and an evolving need for creative expression, I’ve transformed my work’s focus from leading within organizations to working with entrepreneurs and small businesses to design beautiful, functional and efficient online environments.

A Master’s degree in Computer Science, an MBA and diverse work experiences have placed me well to provide a wide range of services within the scope of our online world. Life coach training, a fascination with what makes us all tick and a highly developed desire to help you succeed add a friendly, supportive side to the package. And I am nothing if not thorough and organized!

I like to work for the greater good, and have had the good fortune to be involved with many organizations that try their best to support the environment and humankind.  Collaborations with values-based entrepreneurs and purpose-based organizations are high on my list of desired work projects.

The WindShift name comes from my love of sailing and the outdoors in general. Whether racing a sailboat, climbing a mountain or running a business, we must adapt to shifts in the wind (real or metaphorical) in order to transform changes into opportunities. With the constantly shifting winds of technology and communication, my goal is to help you find the gusts that can carry you forward.