Keyword Research & Search Engine Optimization helps to attract visitors to your siteKEYWORD RESEARCH and SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION ~ are you easy to find?

Many entrepreneurs and small businesses start out with a “brochure site”. It’s purpose is to convey information about the business after a connection or referral has been made and contact information, including your website URL, has been exchanged. Search engine optimization (or SEO) may not necessarily be a key focus at this stage in comparison to other start-up priorities. However, if you want your site to attract visitors who are looking for your product or service but haven’t had an occasion to meet you or your staff, SEO is absolutely critical and often ignored. We can optimize your site for searches by researching your customers’ search words and incorporating them into your site’s structure and content.

Traffic analysis can guide you to what will help you attract visitors to your siteTRAFFIC ANALYSIS ~ who’s checking out your site? …and who’s not?

A treasure of data about visits to your website is at your fingertips waiting to tell you how to grow your business. Information about how much traffic you’re getting, where it’s coming from, what people are looking at and for how long can help you to know where you need to be spending your precious time and what efforts should be abandoned.  We can translate your traffic data into useful information for you and make suggestions for tweaks and changes – or let you make your own conclusions.

Social Media can help you attract visitors to your site by word of mouthSOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY ~ will it help or is it hype?

No where does the wind shift and change more than with social media. And so it should – with millions of individuals online with their own ideas, their own way of thinking and doing things – social media should be nothing if not a rich pool of diversity. It’s something to celebrate!

But if social media interaction isn’t your full time job, no, you may not even like it (lots of people don’t), then how do you stay on top of things and not waste your precious time?

  • Where should you be putting your time and effort?
  • Which social network matches best with your business?
  • What should you be saying there?
  • How will you collect a following?
  • Where can you get valuable ideas to pass on to your audience?
  • How can you manage yet another task on your schedule?!

We acknowledge that social networking isn’t a must for everyone. It’s important to determine what your business goals are first and foremost – then assess whether social media is an effective way to meet them. We can help you build a strategy, or just spend some time with you over coffee to answer your questions and give you some ideas.

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT ~ keep the monkey off your back

If the thought of setting up accounts, learning how to post and then creating your own social media witticisms every day leaves you cold, we can take on the job. At least until you get the hang of it…