Domain Hosting tech support - the first step to get you up and runningDOMAIN HOSTING ~ the starting block

There are good hosting providers and bad ones. Expensive ones and cheap ones. Ethical ones and not-so-much. We can get you started from scratch with domain name purchasing and hosting setup. Email setup using your domain name is part and parcel of establishing a professional online presence and can sometimes be a maze to navigate – we can help!

Online Shopping tech support - we'll set up your online storeONLINE SHOPPING ~ generating revenue

Do you want an online storefront but feel overwhelmed about where to start? With continually evolving service providers and technologies and the need to integrate them (website-shopping cart-payment system-shipping), the process can be complex but the rewards can be significant.  We can help! We can set up, integrate and test the systems and train you to manage the orders.

eNewsletter Setup and Management tech support - we'll set up your eNewsletter systemNEWSLETTER SETUP and MGMT ~ keeping your audience engaged

eNewsletter software has not yet evolved to be tech-free. It is characteristically inflexible and difficult to use.  We can set it up for you and translate your newsletter content for you, or train you to do it yourself.

Online Scheduling and Payments tech support - we'll add features to your site that'll save you administrative timeONLINE SCHEDULING and PAYMENTS ~ reducing your workload

Are you considering automating administrative tasks like scheduling clients, coordinating events, or invoicing and collecting payments online?  This kind of functionality can reduce your workload and save you money and in many cases it’s quick and inexpensive to implement. Let us set you up!

Project Management - not really tech support but not really admin support either - it's a combination of both areas of expertise as well as excellent people and communication skillsPROJECT MANAGEMENT ~ orchestra leader or cat herder?…

There’s a diversity of specific expertise needed to develop a professional online presence. Having that expertise in-house or on contract working for you doesn’t guarantee success though, without someone to lead the orchestra. If you’re a larger organization with access to talent, favourite pros that you prefer working with, but lacking the time to coordinate the pieces and keep it all on track, we can provide the management expertise to fill that void.