Beautiful web design makes a great first impressionWEBSITE & PRINT DESIGN ~ seeing is believing

Beautiful and effective web design incorporates colour palettes, shapes, font choices, white space, layout and navigation. We can pull these pieces together on your website in a way that appeals to your audience and represents who you are and the value you offer. We can design and develop your brand new site, or give your existing site a refreshing new look and feel. We can also create business cards, gift cards and brochures consistent with your brand identity.

Compelling copywriting is a key element of good web designCOPYWRITING ~ writing for your audience

Do your customers feel comforted by reading the industry jargon? Or would they rather hear groundedness and authenticity?  Do they want to read about your products and services? Or do they want to hear about how you can help them?  Many business owners struggle with how best to articulate their value. We can write website copy that describes you and your business in a way that helps to build confidence and make you likable.

Attractive and meaningful photos and images, especially ones that evoke feelings are integral to great web designPHOTOGRAPHY ~ the emotional connection

Images convey thoughts and evoke emotions instantaneously and emotions drive judgments and decisions. When your offering is visual (and it almost always is) we can photograph your products, your location, and you in a pleasing and engaging light. We can also source inexpensive images that convey the feelings you want people to have about what you have to offer.  If you need a set of headshots for your social media accounts, speakers bios or website we can deliver.  A photo’s worth a thousand words!

Video adds to your web design when your message has to be experienced to be understoodVIDEO ~ conveying a complex message

When photos don’t do your location or product justice, when your offering needs to be explained or demonstrated, or when your personality, knowledge or expertise is part of the package, video may serve you well. We can help you create short videos to convey your value to your audience. Sound expensive? We’re relatively new at this and developing our portfolio, so we’re open to negotiation.